Looking for toxin-free, affordable cleaning products? Look no further. Biologique offers a range of concentrated, toxin-free cleaning products that are gentle on your skin, sinuses, and the environment. Shop online today and embrace a cleaner, greener, and healthier lifestyle.





Nano-Natural technology

Uses Bacteria, Enzymes and Phytotechnology to decompose dirt

Cost effective

Re-use your bottle and
re-fill 13-26 times,
when buying the concentrate

Peace of mind

Our products are completely Bio-degradable

Eliminate Odour

An All-Natural, Non-Toxic, and 100% safe way to purify any unwanted odor while deep cleaning your house

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The Genuine Green Blueprint:


At Biologique, our mission transcends beyond simply urging customers to replace harsh chemicals with superior, eco-friendly alternatives. We’re devoted to educating nature lovers about the authentic definition of ‘100% natural’. Utilizing the latest scientific and technological advancements, we develop green cleaning solutions that not only rival but surpass their chemical-based competitors.

To the environmentally conscious, switching from harsh chemical cleaning supplies to seemingly ‘greener’ alternatives available in stores might appear straightforward. However, the real test lies in discerning between truly eco-friendly products and those bearing ‘green’ labels while still harboring harmful ingredients. Several products claim to be ‘100% natural’ but continue to use petroleum derivatives, such as glycerine.

At Biologique, our dedication to the environment and our planet’s future goes beyond mere claims. It’s the driving force behind every aspect of our operations.

As the idea of ‘going green’ sweeps across numerous industries, the true essence of eco-friendly living can only be actualized through wholly natural practices. Our products provide users with a genuine path to non-toxic, eco-friendly living.

Here’s Biologique’s criteria for a product to be ‘100% Natural’:

Naturally Derived

Naturally Derived: Indicates that the product originates from renewable, natural sources. No petroleum compounds are involved. Often labeled as plant-derived or plant-based.At Biologique, we ensure that all ingredients conform to these parameters.

Bio - degradable

Additionally, a 'natural' product must be fully biodegradable. Our products are devoid of harmful elements, safe for septic tanks, and contribute to rehabilitating grey water. They pose no threat to humans, animals, homes, or the environment, ensuring complete peace of mind.


Re-Usable: Our packaging is simple, easy to recycle, and we encourage customers to re-use their spray bottles with our concentrates, thereby minimizing waste. We're continually seeking more sustainable packaging solutions.


Biologique strives to make our eco-friendly necessities accessible to all households. We offer a bottle of Biologique Ready-to-Use Product, and for an extra R20, you get two individual refills. This is thrice the amount of product at the same price as a leading retailer. After your initial purchase, you can choose a 200ml refill concentrate (for 13-26 refills) or a 500ml refill concentrate (for 26-33 refills).

At Biologique, we provide more than just products; we provide a genuine, affordable, and sustainable path to toxin-free living.

How Refillable Cleaning Works

Bottle Diagram
Refillable Cleaning

Our range of 100 % natural products

Oven, Braai, Pot, Pan and Air fryer Cleaner

Turn cleaning your Air fryer,  Oven and Braai from a tedious, time-consuming task into a simple, enjoyable experience that requires little effort.

Kitchen Cleaner

Whipping up the daily meal, or catering commercially?  Clean-ups are unavoidable.

Food Wash

Multiple hands engage with your fresh produce at various points along the logistical chain before it reaches your shopping basket.

All Purpose Cleaner

Buying and storing a product for each purpose can be expensive, take up space and shopping time.  Our solution is clean, green, and smart.

Bathroom Cleaner

“Discover the ultimate solution for a pristine and safe bathroom environment. Effortlessly tackle dirt, mold, and germs, while enjoying the ease of spray-and-leave convenience – perfect for busy households and the wellbeing of your loved ones.”

Heavy Duty Degreaser

With a non-toxic degreaser, say goodbye to skin irritation and environmental harm caused by traditional degreasers. Clean with confidence, knowing that you’re making a responsible choice for your health and the planet.

Tile & Grout/Floor Cleaner

“Eat off the floor” Cleaner

Hand and Surface Sanitizer

Dangerous pathogens around? Our Scientifically proven plant-based formula will safeguard your hands and surfaces, protecting those you care about.

Laundry Detergent

No more fragrances and toxins that can harm your skin and trigger allergies.

Manual Dishwashing Detergent

Daily dishwashing with harmful ingredients is most tangible when you examine the skin of your hands

Automatic Dishwashing Detergent

Grimy glasses and dirty plates are no match for this bio-enzymatic cleaner.

Foaming Hand Wash

Break free from the toxic trade-off and embrace a healthier choice with Biologique Foaming Hand Wash – where harmful germs meet their match without compromising your well-being or the environment.

Heavy Duty Degreasing Hand Wash

“Transform your hand hygiene experience with our Biologique Heavy Duty Degreasing Foaming Hand Wash, a powerhouse against stubborn grease and oil, while being gentle on your skin and kind to the planet.”

Pet Odour Control

Despite their adorability and companionship, your pets mishaps can cause some discomfort and inconvenience.

Pet Wash

Showing unCONDITIONAL love.  As humans  are impacted by harsh chemicals and toxins in products, our pets are equally at risk. 


Are you a plastic free packaging store and looking to sell concentrated eco friendly products?

Starter Packs & Gift Sets

We have curated a selection  from our most popular products to set you up with  the essentials to start your cleaning journey.

Our Happy Clients!

“Biologique Hand Wash foams beautifully and is light and leaves your hands feeling soft and clean.”


“As a small bakery owner, I pride myself on using high quality ingredients. Using the Biologique Oven and Braai Cleaner gives me peace of mind knowing that no harsh or harmful chemicals come into play when I clean my hardworking oven. The surface / kitchen cleaner gets rid of all grease residue without the risk of leaving behind toxins that could contaminate my products. I also love how cost effective these products are, together with being good for my clients and the environment.”


“I have been using the heavy degreaser for months. It’s fantastic. It took out the toughest oil stains and splatters on my kitchen cupboard near the stove after trying many other brands and nothing worked. It’s more a go to for areas around the house that need an extra power clean especially if you don’t want to scrub a whole lot. This is one of my favourite products in the range.”



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